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Professional Film Processing and Other Services

Our Film Lab offers high quality C-41 and B&W film processing and scanning! Everything processed in-house! Turnaround time for drop-offs for color film is approximately two days, while B&W typically takes 7-10 days. Mail-ins take approximately two weeks. Explore our Lab services for comprehensive information and pricing or give us a call!

35mm:             C-41: $7.00

                        B&W: $10.00 

                        E-6: $12.00 (temporarily unavailable)​

120:                 C-41: $10.00 

                        B&W: $10.00

                        E-6: $15.00 (temporarily unavailable) Processing Only (no mounts): $12.00


4 x 5​:               C-41: $8.00 

                        B&W: $8.00

                        E-6: $12.00 (temporarily unavailable)

110 Film:         $10.00 develop only - 110 Film scans: $1.50

Optional Pull or Push Processing +$2.00/roll

Same Day Rush Developing +$4.00/roll max 4 rolls

Drop off window 9:30 am-12:00 pm

Due to labor costs, we have a $5 minimum lab order.

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